Shopping Feeds

Click Here For Shopping Feed Services! offers a complete Product Feed Management system that encompasses all aspects of feed optimization for all major comparison shopping engines (, Bizrate, Froogle, Yahoo Shopping, MSN Shopping, PriceGrabber and NexTag). Aspects include feed creation, correct product categorization, Proper product listing data, Product level bidding, Product/Campaign level ROI tracking, Competitive Analysis (competitor product price comparison), quick and easy product inclusion or exclusion, daily/bi-daily feed submissions plus other product feed maintenance tasks.


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Merchant Feeds and Online Shopping

Merchant feeds are more and more becoming the way of the future for online marketers. Shopping comparison sites are starting to dominate the SERPs (search engine results pages) as these price comparison companies continue to optimize their website and merchants improve the phrasing of these shopping feeds.


If you want to keep afloat in the online marketing world these days you need to get your products listed with these price comparison sites and join the online price wars. But what's keeping you from joining the fray? Froogle, BizRate, Yahoo Shopping (formerly Yahoo Products), (Also DealTime and Epinions), PriceGrabber, PriceSCAN, NexTag, mySimon, and many other upcoming comparison sites are leaving it up to the merchants to fight for consumers. So where do you start? There are so many to choose from that you have enough trouble deciding which one is best let alone which ones are the easiest to use.


Learn about these different comparison sites, where their futures are headed and which ones are showing the most promising results among the many search engines. Don't let the price wars drown your site with the rest of the search engine results. Discover what shopping feeds can do to keep your prices competing with the rest and how you can get in the right product search results.

Developed by Google, Inc. One of the most promising price comparison sites to date.

One of the largest price search sites. Over 30 million products listed.
Child of Dealtime and Epinions, now merged to provide you with three shopping search engines that feature your products separately, yet the same.

Yahoo Shopping:
Complete Yahoo Shopping data feed creation and maintenance solutions.

MSN Shopping:
Complete MSN Shopping data feed creation and maintenance solutions.

NexTag Shopping:
Complete NexTag data feed creation and maintenance solutions.

PriceGrabber Shopping:
Complete PriceGrabber data feed creation and maintenance solutions. Dealtime Epinions Merchant feeds